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Did something change??

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the answer is yes…Another late night up and what do I have to show for it but changes to this site. I am hoping with these new additions that I will at least be able to share a bit more and keep the site a little more fresh. Some changes to the site some of which I am glad about and wanted to do for a while:

(1) Read what I’m reading – Like many of you I have tons of feeds on a regular basis. I now have a way to share with you what I find interesting within those feeds. You can find this on my sidebar —->

(2) Twitter Feed Improvements

(3) Share and Follow – I have added all my social media profiles on the right of the webpage. While I usually reserve a medium for a type of persona I am going to try this out…After all this is suppose to be an interactive medium

(4) Tag Cloud – I have added a tag cloud. My hope is as I get more active you can you the cloud to narrow your search on my site.

(5) back end Admin changes…nothing you need to worry about ;-)

I have been busy these last couple of months getting used to the new job so haven’t had the time I wanted to keep up with the site like I wanted to. I am thinking in the next two weeks that I have a schedule down pack where it will allow me to post a bit more often. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions/comments/feedback or anything feel free to hit me up!

The Path to your Bling…

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Earlier in November, the man that I had worked with for the previous 5 years had passed away.  He was two weeks into his retirement.  Despite all the drama that comes with Company politics and dealing with it for over 30 yrs; he was always happy, friendly and pleasant.  He never seemed to be disparaged by the craziness going on around us which when working in Info Sec can be numerous.  I will miss my friend and mentor but still thank him for everything he did for me.  In looking at RSnake’s last blog post, he spoke of the same thing,  that despite all his popularity/success he was not happy and how he is taking steps to be happy.

It’s been an interesting month since my last post but about 2 weeks ago I had lunch with a colleague and friend of mine that I used to work with.  We were engrossed in a discussion.  In the middle of our chat, he said to me very simply “you have to find your bling”.  It was something that stuck with me  considering everything that was going on around me. Before that conversation, I forgot all about what my bling really was.  And was i on my way to achieve it?  I have been very fortunate that in my personal life I have bling….a wonderful wife and two great kids.  In my professional life, I got lost.  I got too busy in the day to day that I forgot to look around.   I have made the decision to leave my current employer and start a position in a completely different type of organization.  Will this be my happy ending?  I am not sure but I think it’s a step in the right direction.  The only regret about leaving is all the great people that I will no longer have the opportunity to work with at my current organization.

This post is meant to get you to stop and think about what is your bling and are you on your way to get to it.  Take the time to think about your career and what you want to do with it.